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In The BossHole Effect, authors Greg L. Alston and Valerie R. Alston draw on their combined experiences as employees, managers, and coaches to provide a compelling and comprehensive guide for people who want to become better leaders.

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Who wants to know the three skills you must master to be a good leader

What is the BossHole Effect?

The BossHole Effect® is the powerful capacity of a BossHole to suck the joy, energy, enthusiasm and greatness out of an organization. Download a FREE chapter Now
The Bosshole Effect Earns Top Honors

5 Star ratings for The Bosshole Effect

The Bosshole Effect Earns Top Honors The Readers Favorite a well respected independent book review site has awarded the book their 5 Star rating based on  independent editorial reviews and a detailed analysis  that takes in to account the following factors: Cover, Construction, Chapter Headings, Table of Contents, Concept, Originality, Organization, Fluidity, Coherence, Layout, Editing, Theme , Subject Matter, and Overall Quality Check out what the reviewers had to say:  Reviewed by … [Read More...]

Good leadership Skills

Good Leadership Skills are Essential to Being a Great Boss

It is not accurate to say that some people are born leaders.  Good leadership skills are learned by being put in a position where they are required. Then people either act like leaders or they don't. Leadership is something that people do, they show leadership. Being good at it takes practice. The Myth of Natural Born Leaders People that decide they are not "natural born leaders" are simply unwilling to acknowledge the fact that they have chosen to abdicate their inherent responsibility to … [Read More...]


Successful Marketing Happens When You Develop a Solution to a Pain in the Market

The lucrative opportunities in the marketplace come when you find a pain in the marketplace. This pain represents a demand or unmet need in the marketplace which potential purchases are begging you to fill. Once you develop a solution to ease that pain, the customers will be primed to buy. Your marketing is much easier and much more successful when customers are standing in line to buy your product before you even open for business. Pre-selling the market builds demand. The last remaining … [Read More...]


One of the Biggest Mistakes a lot of Entrepreneurs Make

One of the big mistakes I made in the early years, and one of the biggest mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs make, is looking at your product or service offering only in the realm of competing with other similar product offerings. I was looking at adult diapers and comparing it to all other sources of adult diapers. The customers were comparing it to other uses of money. When we think we are selling over-the counter vitamins, the consumer is actually saying, "I've got $30 to spend. I can spend it … [Read More...]

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Greg L.Alston Hits the Bestseller List!

The New Book, The BossHole Effect Hits Number 18 on the bestseller list on Amazon   As of today October 29th, 2013 the book has reached climbed the charts. After hitting number one on the Hot New Releases for its first 30 days the book has steadily climbed the charts and has just reached the top 20. Here is a sample of some of the reviews: ...he has developed a guidebook, a workbook, a syllabus, and resources that anyone can use to become a more honest, complete, and effective human … [Read More...]

Great Leadership

Great Bosses Avoid Micromanaging

Great Bosses  command when their team needs it but avoid micromanaging. They put players where they need to be. They identify and recognize the skills of individuals people and nature bring out the skill that need to be developed within the team.  BossHoles take a solid power hitter and turn her into a weak singles hitter. They take somebody with tremendous speed and agility and put them in a position when they can't use their speed to its full advantage. Great Bosses not only put people in … [Read More...]