Do Not Tolerate BossHole Behavior and Try Not to Act Like a BossHole Yourself

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Your challenge in the workforce is twofold and quite simple:  Do not tolerate BossHole behavior in other people and do not act like a BossHole yourself. Granted, everyone has bad days and good days, and on occasion, act stupid and inappropriate. If you happen to work with a partial Bosshole, there is a good chance you can help them mend their ways.  However, with a complete BossHole, you either have to convince higher management to remove him or find a different job. FYI - A complete … [Read more...]

Greg L.Alston Hits the Bestseller List!

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The New Book, The BossHole Effect Hits Number 18 on the bestseller list on Amazon   As of today October 29th, 2013 the book has reached climbed the charts. After hitting number one on the Hot New Releases for its first 30 days the book has steadily climbed the charts and has just reached the top 20. Here is a sample of some of the reviews: ...he has developed a guidebook, a workbook, a syllabus, and resources that anyone can use to become a more honest, complete, and effective human … [Read more...]

Bosshole Effect Boss Rating System – Great Boss, Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Bad Boss Behavior, Poor Leadership skills

Would you like to rate your boss using the Bosshole Rating System? You probably spend more hours working than doing anything else while you are awake. Do you enjoy going to work everyday? If not you may be working for a BossHole and be falling prey to the The BossHole Effect�. By definition, a BossHole is someone who acts like an ass and who happens to have the positional authority to impact your life. The BossHole Effect is the powerful capacity of a BossHole to suck the joy, energy, … [Read more...]

A Bad Boss Wields Devastating Negative Energy – The Equivalent of a Black Hole

Black Hole

The BossHole Effect® - Buy the Book Now! A BossHole wields devastating negative energy, the metaphorical equivalent of a black hole cause by the implosion of a supernova. The gravitational forces created by a black hole are so strong that rays of light cannot escape their influence. The toxic anti-matter generated by a BossHole inflicts similar devastation on any workforce. Jeanna Bryner summarized University of Florida research in an article entitled "Abused Workers Fight back by … [Read more...]

A BossHole is Someone Who Acts like an Ass and Who Impacts Your Life

A Bosshole is Someone who acts like an Ass and Impacts Your Life

The BossHole Effect® - Buy the Book Now! Most people spend more time at their job than any other activity throughout their adult life. These forty hours per week at work for fifty weeks per year for forty years is where they build self-esteem, make friends and accomplish professional goals. Unfortunately, it is also where they are forced to work with BossHoles and where we become discouraged by the BossHollEffect®. By definition, a BossHole is someone who acts like an ass and who happens to … [Read more...]

The Process of Successful Leadership

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The process of building a successful team is very simple.  You need a clear view of what it takes to win; you must have a process that builds patterns of success and "fear of failure;" and you must understand that you can't control what you can't control. Effort and execution are more important than short-term results. In the long run, the best results are most consistently achieved by superior preparation. Every player on your team has a role to play in every game and in every situation. For … [Read more...]

Coach Your Team Like a Leader Not Like a Bosshole Parent

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The Bosshole Effect  - Buy the Book Now! One of the biggest mistakes rookie coaches make is coaching their team to the benefit of a single player. Let me explain what I mean. Often times youth coaches get involved with sports so that they can coach their son or daughter’s team. Frequently their son or daughter is one of the best players on the team but this is not always true. As a coach your responsibility is to the team as a parent your responsibility is to your child. Sometimes these two … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Run Good Meetings, Bad Managers Need to Learn to Lead

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One of the essential qualities of a good leader is being able to run a good meeting. One of the quickest ways to identify a BossHole is to watch how they run meetings. Good leaders don’t waste their team’s time. Bad managers don’t respect their team’s time. They need to Learn to lead.  I’ve worked for several bosses that had no idea how to run effective meetings. Probably the worst case of this occurred when I was on the buying staff at Sav-on drugs in Anaheim California. We had a team of 20 … [Read more...]

24 Characteristics that Successful People Posess

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One bad employee not dealt with can destroy the entire fabric of a good team. Here is the biggest real world twist on this problem. Sometimes that bad employee is capable of really good things. In bursts they can perform dramatic feats and appear to be really good and then turn around and undermine everything you do. There is no more important attribute in a teammate than character, and a bad person's behavior indicates they are a bad person at their core. There are several different types … [Read more...]

The Fastest Way to Identify a Bad Leader is…

Bad leaders run bad meetings because they have no respect for their team's time. Nothing is more painful than a long. boring, useless, business meeting.  Bad leaders believe that all good information starts with them.  They frequently do all of the talking and none of the listening at any meeting they attend. This disregard for their teammate's time and disrespect for other people's opinions is what sucks the energy and enthusiasm out of their daily work. When you are trying to determine … [Read more...]