What Do You Do For a Living?

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One of the first questions people ask when you meet them for the first time is, what do you do for a living?  That is a really easy question to ask but the answer can be quite complicated. For instance when people ask me that question I answer differently depending upon where I am.  If I am at work at the university I answer that I am a teacher. If I am at a business meeting  I might answer that I am a consultant.  If www.viagrausa-online.com/ I am at a symposium I might answer that I am an … [Read more...]

Are you a BossHole Diva?

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Why is it that the world treats men and women differently? I don't really know the reason but I know it is true. When my wife and I ran our own drugstore we had different responsibilities in the day to day operation. She ran the dispensing and production side of the business and I ran the sales and marketing side. But  employees  reacted differently to her than they did to me. Employees sometimes act like children and try to play one parent against the other so sometimes they would just be … [Read more...]