A Bad Boss Wields Devastating Negative Energy – The Equivalent of a Black Hole

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 bad boss behavior, poor leadership skills, what makes a great bossA BossHole wields devastating negative energy, the metaphorical equivalent of a black hole cause by the implosion of a supernova.

The gravitational forces created by a black hole are so strong that rays of light cannot escape their influence. The toxic anti-matter generated by a BossHole inflicts similar devastation on any workforce.

Jeanna Bryner summarized University of Florida research in an article entitled “Abused Workers Fight back by Slacking Off, in Live Science on October 8, 2007.

The research demonstrated that workers with abusive bosses were five times more likely to slow down or make errors on purpose, six times more likely to hide from their boss, three times more likely to not give their best effort and six times more likely to to falsely take sick leave.

The Great Boss is by Definition, Not a BossHole

In his book ‘Good Boss, Bad Boss,’ Bob Sutton describes the qualities of a good boss. Based on his research he suggests that good bosses do certain things and behave in specific ways.

 bad boss behavior, poor leadership skills, traits of a great bossGood bosses:

  1. Consistently balance being too assertive with not being assertive enough

  2. Possess the ability to stay after it until they get it done

  3. Consistently produce small victories

  4. Avoid undermining the dignity or authority of their subordinates

  5. Protect their employees’ ability to get their jobs done

The difference between a BossHole and a Great Boss can be explained by asking the following three questions. Does your boss: Do everything possible to help you do your job well? Respect your dignity? Inspire you to excel at what you do? ….

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