A BossHole is Someone Who Acts like an Ass and Who Impacts Your Life

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Bad Boss Behavior, The Bosshole Effect book,Most people spend more time at their job than any other activity throughout their adult life.

These forty hours per week at work for fifty weeks per year for forty years is where they build self-esteem, make friends and accomplish professional goals.

Unfortunately, it is also where they are forced to work with BossHoles and where we become discouraged by the BossHollEffect®. By definition, a BossHole is someone who acts like an ass and who happens to to have the positional authority to impact your life. Other definitions of a BossHole taken from the UrbanDictionary.com include:

“An Employer of a particular evil nature, completely devoid of empathy or concern for anyone else, the deadly hybrid of  of boss and asshole.” 

And my personal favorite:

“An asshole who is better at being an asshole than most assholes.”

A BossHole wields devastating energy, the metaphorical equivalent of the black hole cause by the implosion of a supernova.  The gravitational forces created by the black hole are so strong that rays of light can not escape their influence ….

Bad Bosses Can be the Kiss of Death for Employees

They also cost companies big time in lost revenues. Bad bosses suck the life, energy and enthusiasm out of any team of people.  But these BossHoles are made not born. Ordinary people can learn to be great leaders by reading, The BossHole Effect®, Three Simple Secrets Anyone Can Follow to Become a Great Boss and Lead a Successful Team.

Greg L AlstonThe BossHole Effect® – Buy the Book Now!

Since 1977 the author, Dr. Greg L. Alston has owned and operated a variety of businesses, worked for hundreds of bosses and supervised thousands of employees. His no nonsense approach and clear informal teaching style will teach you how to Coach others, Command respect, and Create an environment in which your team can thrive.

Leadership is not a personality trait,  it is a way of acting. Great leaders build great teams. Great teams achieve great things. The call to leadership is a call to action and this action begins when you buy the book,  subscribe to the blog or view the YouTube Channel.  Use Greg’s free tools to Rate Your Boss or Rate Yourself as a Boss.