Are you a BossHole Diva?

Why is it that the world treats men and women differently? I don’t really know the reason but I know it is true. When my wife and I ran our own drugstore we had different responsibilities in the day to day operation. She ran the dispensing and production side of the business and I ran the sales and marketing side. But  employees  reacted differently to her than they did to me.

Employees sometimes act like children and try to play one parent against the other so sometimes they would just be trying to see if we would give different answers. But alot of times she would tell a female employee something and they would argue with her. Then I would give them the exact same answer and they would accept it and get back to work. And other times a male employee did not want to be told what to do by a woman.

Women now earn more bachelors degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees than men and dominate the workforce in many industries. In my capacity at the university I meet many highly competent young ladies every year.  Almost 70% of enrollment in Doctor of Pharmacy programs are ladies.

So how does a competent woman not become the BossHole Diva Witch?dont be a bosshole diva

There are a few key factors that I think are important.

Wear Your Non-stick Jacket

First you have to learn to think a little differently. If you take everything you see as a personal slight you will forever find yourself slighted.  Realize that 90% of employee chatter should be ignored. There is no reason to enter every conversation and no reason to choose sides. And never snipe or gossip it will come back to haunt you.

Let Them Fill the Dishwasher Their Way

Don’t micromanage. No-one wants to be told what to do every minute and when a women boss does it you will get labeled, the Witch. Who cares if the glasses are crooked on the top shelf if they come out clean?

Learn to Laugh at Yourself.

Understand that you are being watched 24/7 for reactions and the more you react the more they will try to get you to react. You will screw-up occasionally. I know this is true because everyone does.So when you mess up admit it, own it, fix it and move on. And laugh at yourself when you do something stupid.

Take what you do very seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Success is the Only Validation That Matters

People will respect you if you lead your team to success the right way. They don’t have to like you and they may not. But if they will work hard for you and engage in your process then that is the only validation you need. Too many young women get caught up in trying to prove themselves worthy, which leads to proving themselves better than others, which leads to the appearance of being a selfish witch. Focus on the team building strategies in the The BossHole Effect and you will find yourself focused on the right tasks.

Don’t Treat Male Employees Like Your Spouse

I will probably get flack for saying this because it is not politically correct.  But I think many wives treat their husbands in a way where they feel that giving them to do lists and checking on them every five minutes is the only way to ensure that anything gets done. As a husband I can tell you that we put up with this because we love you and we want to spend the rest of our lives with you. But as your employee I would give you that witch label after a few days of that treatment.

Men will follow a good leader regardless of gender. You just have to show them that you get what good leadership is all about. And men,  if you haven’t figured it out yet, the ladies are in charge so get used to it.

Greg L Alston