A Great Boss Builds Good Habits in People

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BossHoles want to get rid of everyone who fails. They go around threatening employees with termination for every transgression real and imagined. They create a stressful, miserable, and destructive fixed-mindset environment. Great Bosses nurture the environment to bring out the best in their people. They create safe, enjoyable and growth mindset environments by building patterns of success through praising good work and offering constructive feedback on how to improve when failure or setbacks … [Read more...]

You Want Good People Doing Good Things on Your Team


The Difference Between a Great Boss and a BossHole Great bosses understand the foundational knowledge the job requires, the skill set the job requires, the process for training those skills and lets people play their way onto the field by demonstrating their ability. The BossHole thinks differently. The BossHole makes personnel decisions based on bad data, with no process, and penalizes failure to the point  that no one is willing to try to succeed. A BossHole's idea of training is to find … [Read more...]

Successful Marketing Happens When You Develop a Solution to a Pain in the Market


The lucrative opportunities in the marketplace come when you find a pain in the marketplace. This pain represents a demand or unmet need in the marketplace which potential purchases are begging you to fill. Once you develop a solution to ease that pain, the customers will be primed to buy. Your marketing is much easier and much more successful when customers are standing in line to buy your product before you even open for business. Pre-selling the market builds demand. The last remaining … [Read more...]

One of the Biggest Mistakes a lot of Entrepreneurs Make


One of the big mistakes I made in the early years, and one of the biggest mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs make, is looking at your product or service offering only in the realm of competing with other similar product offerings. I was looking at adult diapers and comparing it to all other sources of adult diapers. The customers were comparing it to other uses of money. When we think we are selling over-the counter vitamins, the consumer is actually saying, "I've got $30 to spend. I can spend it … [Read more...]

Learn to Lead in One of Two Ways

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You can learn to lead by working with a good mentor to learn the right way to do things but you can also gain valuable experience from a bosshole rating scale by learning what not to do. The key is knowing who is who. It is important that you learn how to  become a good leader. You will need these leadership skills to be good at any career you choose. You can be fortunate enough to work with a great manager or coach who will show you the right way to do things or you can be stuck with a … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Must be Good People


Part of being a good teammate and helping develop a good team chemistry is to play the role of the spot you're in and do it to the best of your abilities.   A Great Boss understands the three traits that drive success of the team: engagement, how to win awareness, and role identification and commitment. BossHoles cause employees to disengage, reward the wrong people, and allow unproductive behavior to become the norm. I Believe Good Leaders Must be Good People They must possess the attributes … [Read more...]

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Employees

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In Carol Dweck's book Mindset, she describes her research on Growth and Fixed Mindset. People with a fixed mindset hold the erroneous notion that their value is directly a result of their innate ability. Thus, their self-esteem is riveted to their performance. Failure at a task causes them to question their ability. Each new challenge therefore becomes another new opportunity to be found worthless. Faced with this stress,  their performance suffers and they resist doing anything they don't … [Read more...]

The Pathway to Success is to Become a Force for Improvement

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If you are someone who has watched what happens without taking any action to improve things, then you have only three choices: Learn to become a leader to make good things happen Learn to become a follower to help good things happen Do nothing and help prevent good things from happening Improvement Requires Positive Action Doing nothing is a choice; a choice driven by fear of failure or sloth. Inaction by default assists those that prevent good things from happening. To make good … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Worked For a Bosshole?

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BossHoles are destroying our economy and ruining our lives. They do this by undermining the quality of our teams. Teams are the engine that drives the economy. Teams build stuff, make stuff, accomplish stuff and teach stuff. Teams are inter-professional, inter-disciplinary, inter-racial and inter-faith. Most of the good stuff that happens happens as the result of a group of people coming together for a common purpose to get stuff done. And that is the definition of what a team is. Good people … [Read more...]

The Process of Effective Leadership that Leads to Being a Great Boss

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"Leadership is the Art of Getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower   We can summarize the process of effective leadership that leads to being a Great Boss rather than a BossHole by asking three questions: What is the process by which you take a group of individuals and mold them into a highly competitive team? How do you get a group of people to get what needs to be done completed in the right way, in the right … [Read more...]