Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Employees

 In Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, she describes her research on Growth and Fixed Mindset. People with a fixed mindset hold the erroneous notion that their value is directly a result of their innate ability. Thus, their self-esteem is riveted to their performance.

Failure at a task causes them to question their ability. Each new challenge therefore becomes another new opportunity to be found worthless. Faced with this stress,  their performance suffers and they resist doing anything they don’t already know how to do well.

Opportunities to Grow and Get Better

Adopting the Growth Mindset refocuses these challenges as opportunities to grow and get better. A Great Boss makes sure to coach and create in a way that fosters a growth mindset in their employees. They do this by praising proper effort, tactics, and techniques used by by players. And they encourage people to work harder at becoming better.

Are you teaching people to perform the right process? Are you satisfied because you are getting okay results?  Are you impeding your team’s progress?  BossHoles that scream and yell because a teammate makes an error rarely earn the respect of their team.

Coaches that praise the right effort, the right dedication, the right focus and reward those efforts with play time are building a pattern for success that will help help their team succeed in the long run.  Success requires preparation. It requires focus and dedication. And it requires controlling the things you can control, which are your attitude and the quality of your preparation.

You Build Patterns of Success or Patterns of Failure

Far too often in the pharmacy setting, I have have seen managers ignore bad behavior because the didn’t want to take the time or effort to deal with it. But all persistent behaviors are rewarded, and if you are not stopping bad behaviors when they occur, you are rewarding it in the eyes of your team. Either you build trust, engagement and support, or you build doubt.

You build patterns of success or patterns of failure. The process that is most likely to succeed is building patterns of success from a foundation of solid and predictable strategies ….

The BossHole Effect

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