Good Leaders Know How to Grill Chicken

Some people just don’t understand how to be a good leader. And some people just don’t know howgood leader, leadership skills to grill chicken. They fire up the grill, get it nice and hot, and then throw on the chicken pieces. Because the grill  is too hot the fat from the chicken drips in to the flame and causes flare-ups. These flares up essentially burn the skin and turn it in to charcoal. And I don’t know about you,  but I don’t like to eat burnt chicken.

One mistake a lot of new managers make is they act just like this bad chicken cook I just described. They come up with a plan. They get all the pieces together and they throw them in to the fire so they can hurry up and get the job done. But just like chicken most jobs require much more subtlety than that in order to get the result you want.

How Good Leaders Grill Chicken

If you want really delicious chicken you have to marinate the chicken overnight to add the right amount of flavor. Then you heat the grill to medium and leave the middle burners off.  You place the marinated chicken over the unlit burners and cook the meat low and slow to keep the juices in. Then about ten minutes before you serve the chicken you add the secret sauce and cook it on high to carmelize the sugars. The result is tender juicy meat, browned crispy skin, and a delightful sensation of flavors.

Bad leaders try to get something done using a process that will never work.

Just like cooking chicken you should never start the grill until your project has been marinated by a consensus building process. In order to avoid doing the wrong things all the stakeholders in a project should be able to review the process at its earliest stages to offer suggestions for improvement.

Your idea for a Mustard Habanero Ginger sauce may not be appropriate for the client you are cooking for and you need to allow your team to persuade you that traditional BBQ sauce is a better choice. Once your team agrees on the recipe then you need to start slow and make sure everything is working correctly before you ramp up production. You have to allow the rest of your team the time they need to get the side dishes done and the table set. You can’t cook a good chicken dinner on the grill in 15 minutes.  It takes 40-45 minutes.

Good leaders have the end in mind before they start.

Is it your goal to serve charcoal blackened chicken briquettes or are you trying to prepare a delicious meal? Good leaders do their homework, test their recipes and then trust their process.

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