Good Leaders Must be Good People

 good leadership, being a good leaderPart of being a good teammate and helping develop a good team chemistry is to play the role of the spot you’re in and do it to the best of your abilities.  

A Great Boss understands the three traits that drive success of the team: engagement, how to win awareness, and role identification and commitment. BossHoles cause employees to disengage, reward the wrong people, and allow unproductive behavior to become the norm.

I Believe Good Leaders Must be Good People

They must possess the attributes they expect from their employees and not display the negative attributes they don’t want in their employees. Good leaders must understand these key drivers of success, but should also be able to critically evaluate the impact of their actions on the team.  No leader is perfect. Occasionally they will say or do something counterproductive.

The only way to avoid screwing up is to never try to do anything innovative.  Of course, the unintended consequences of never trying anything new are an unproductive team.

The Ability to Adjust Your Tone as Necessary

The penultimate performance trait for a Great Boss is the ability to adjust your tone as necessary. The tone of your leadership is your attitude, your demeanor, how loud you are, how vocal you are, how injected you are in the daily activity. You must understand that any noise or any sound  or any pattern that becomes consistent, recognizable and repetitive gets tuned out.

If you go to bed with the ballgame on the radio, it eventually fades into the background and you fall asleep.  If you’re sound asleep, and the radio hasn’t been on and all of a sudden it starts blaring a home run call in the seventh-inning, it’s going to jolt you  out of your sleep. Your’e going to wake up and say, “Wait a minute. What was that? 

The leader’s tone of voice needs to be adjusted to continually snap your team to attention, to bring them into focus when they need it, to encourage their success and move them forward to where they want to  It can be used to recognize when the energy and enthusiasm of the group has waned, so that you can provide that impetus to recapture the positive energy you need to succeed.  All these things are much easier to define than they are to accomplish. be.

 good leadership, being a good leader
A Quality Leader Does Three Things

So, what is it that leaders need to do in order to pay attention to these things, and to know what to do about it? A quality leader is going to generate their impact based on three things that include:

  1. Creating the climate that frees your talent, your team, to do the things they are capable of doing
  2. Identify the abilities that the person often doesn’t even know they have
  3. Put people in a a position to succeed

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