Good Leadership Skills are Essential to Being a Great Boss

It is not accurate to say that some people are born leaders.  Good leadership skills are learned by being put in a position where they are required. Then people either act like leaders or they don’t. Leadership is something that Good leadership Skillspeople do, they show leadership. Being good at it takes practice.

The Myth of Natural Born Leaders

People that decide they are not “natural born leaders” are simply unwilling to acknowledge the fact that they have chosen to abdicate their inherent responsibility to take care of themselves. They naively chose to hope that someone else will make decisions in their best interest.  To that I only have one thing to say, How’s that working out for you?

Bad bosses prey on people who are so willing to be led that they allow themselves to be abused. The reality is this, if no-one would work for a Bosshole they would lose their influence.  And while everyone of us has the capacity to become a leader we also have the capacity to act like a Bosshole.

BossHole or Not?

So when you are working for someone who acts like a Bosshole you have got to decide whether he/she is basically a good person who has just slipped up or they are a BossHole by nature. The difference is one of intent. A good person can reach their stress limit and slip in to bad behavior on occasion. A person with good leadership skills will recognize their mistake, own up to it, apologize and move forward.

A complete bosshole will never admit they made a mistake, will never sincerely apologize, and will always find a way to push the blame on to someone or something else.

Check out my tongue in cheek video series called You Might Be a Bosshole, to help you get a better idea of what bad boss behavior looks like.

The Secret Tip to Identifying a Company where the Employees Think Their Boss is a BossHole



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Leadership is not a personality trait,  it is a way of acting. Great leaders build great teams. Great teams achieve great things. The call to leadership is a call to action and this action begins when you buy the book,  subscribe to the blog or view the YouTube Channel.  Use Greg’s free tools to Rate Your Boss or Rate Yourself as a Boss.

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