Great Bosses Avoid Micromanaging

 Great Bosses  command when their team needs it but avoid micromanaging. They put players where they need to be.

They identify and recognize the skills of individuals people and nature bring out the skill that need to be developed within the team.  BossHoles take a solid power hitter and turn her into a weak singles hitter.

They take somebody with tremendous speed and agility and put them in a position when they can’t use their speed to its full advantage. Great Bosses not only put people in the right position they fine tune performance with consistent training regarding the right way to the job.

Bad Behavior Ignored becomes Bad Habits

A distinction between a Great Boss and a BossHole is the manner in which behavior is corrected. Great Bosses consistently correct faulty behavior as soon as it happens. Bad behavior ignored becomes bad habits.

BossHoles either overact to performance stumbles or ignore bad employee behavior. Ignoring poor performance telegraphs to everyone else that it’s okay to be a bad employee. Overreacting to poor performances destroys team cohesion. Recognizing and retarding the right behavior will align your work team an their motivation with the goals, objectives and values of your organization.

Modeling the Wrong Behavior

leadership (1)One critical mistake a lot of bosses make is modeling the wrong behavior. If you own a store and want to drink a soda, many owners go out and grab a soda and drink it.

Employees watching the boss go take a soda and drink it or take a candy bar without paying for it, will say, “Okay, I guess it’s okay to take a soda or eat a candy bar without paying for it.”

Now imagine the different mindset being modeled if every time you go out and get a candy bar or a bag of peanuts or a soda, you make a big show of waiting behind the customers, waiting your turn to pay and paying with cash. You’ve then modeled a couple of things:

Employee snack purchases don’t butt cash paying customers out of line and paying for your purchases is hugely important if even the boss who actually owns the entire inventory pays for his or her purchases. So be careful what behavior you model, and be careful which behaviors you encourage and discourage.

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