Great Bosses Inspire their Teammates to Engage in and Believe in the Team's Mission

 what makes a great boss, leadership skills, buy the bosshole effect bookGreat Bosses create an environment that allows teammates to thrive in their roles.

They do that by driving all important decisions as close to the bottom of the organization as possible, and then empowering teammates to make those decisions without fear or punishment.

A BossHole, on the other hand, paralyzes the creativity and resilience of the team by hoarding decision making power closer to the top of the organization, thereby communicating to the entire team that teammates are not empowered to act with out fear or reprisal.

BossHole Effect® – Buy the Book Now!

Great Bosses inspire their teammates to engage in and believe in the team’s mission. People join good organizations, but they quit bad bosses. The modern employee does not want to me manage, she wants to be inspired.

In the long run,  successful businesses employ people who are inspired by the mission and give them the freedom to be successful ….

You can learn to be a Great Boss by reading the rest of the book - The BoseHole Effect®.

 Since 1977 the author, Dr. Greg L. Alston has owned and operated a variety of businesses, worked for hundreds of bosses and supervised thousands of employees. His no nonsense approach and clear informal teaching style will teach you how to Coach others, Command respect, and Create an environment in which your team can thrive.

The BossHole Effect®

Leadership is not a personality trait,  it is a way of acting. Great leaders build great teams. Great teams achieve great things. The call to leadership is a call to action and this action begins when you buy the book subscribe to the blog or view the YouTube Channel.  Use Greg’s free tools to Rate Your Boss or Rate Yourself as a Boss.

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