Greg L.Alston Hits the Bestseller List!

The New Book, The BossHole Effect Hits Number 18 on the bestseller list on Amazon


As of today October 29th, 2013 the book has reached climbed the charts.

After hitting number one on the Hot New Releases for its first 30 days the book has steadily climbed the charts and has just reached the top 20.10-29-2013 5-16-22 PM #18 Management Science Cropped to book

Here is a sample of some of the reviews:

…he has developed a guidebook, a workbook, a syllabus, and resources that anyone can use to become a more honest, complete, and effective human being who functions as a Great Boss. It can be learned by (almost) anyone who is willing to read and practice what Greg is teaching.


I really enjoyed this book. Not only were the strategies helpful, funny, and logical, but I actually found real-life applications with my own boss and career. I am happy to say that some of the suggestions in the book were the catalysts in my decision to write some pretty pointed emails to my boss…


I really enjoyed this book. It has many valuable quotes and is written in an informal style. Anyone who wants to become a boss and lead a successful team can benefit from it.

I picked up this book thinking there was no way that I personally was a bosshole ( I’m not a boss at all)  What I found out is that, while I may not be a bosshole, I’m also not a great boss either and there’s more I can do to help my team. This book has a lot of great examples and analogies that will help anyone to better understand what it takes to have a successful business or team. I really think this is a helpful book for any leader ( bosshole or not) and also for anyone working for a boss who wants to make a difference.

What Dr. Greg Alston does so brilliantly with The Bosshole Effect is take a complex set of ideas, distills them down to a set of concrete ideas, and demystifies the whole thing. He does all this with a wit and wisdom that can only come from the voice of experience. Peppered throughout the text are anecdotes from his life used to clarify points and add a touch of levity to what would normally be a dry subject.

After reading just a few pages, I found myself intrigued on the many practical concepts the book has to offer.

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