Learn to Lead

One of the biggest issues we have in America today is a lack of high quality leadership. It is imperative that our young adults learn to lead. In a world where children don’t play without adult supervision and everyone starts their formal education at two years old, a great deal of research is showing that we are beating the creativity out of our children.

Children are growing up afraid to fail which means they are afraid to try. About the only venues left where children learn qualities of leadership is in athletics. Mom and dad can’t buy you a base hit. They can’t make you kick the game-winning goal. They can’t influence whether or not you make the game-winning touchdown catch. It is pretty much only in athletics now where the individual performer is at the mercy of their own effort preparation and will to succeed.

It is therefore no surprise that most successful leaders have come through a competitive sports background. But for some reason even at the college level this competitive fire is not welcome in the classroom. A young boy that will work tirelessly in the weight room to build the strength to push his way through the defensive line for that extra yard will not ask a question in front of the class, because he is afraid to embarrass himself.

A young lady that will spend 40 hours practicing hitting throwing running and fielding so that she can help her high school team to the state championship is still reluctant to stand up in front of class and ask a question, because she is afraid to embarrass herself.

School has simply become a place where leadership and success habits are not taught.

At the end of the day what really matters when a young graduate is going out and competing for a job is very simple. An employer wants to know what can you do that is worth what you want me to pay you? And the employer wants to know can you get along with the rest of my employees and help me do a better job of serving my customers?

One of the essential skills every employer is looking for is do you have the ability to lead others and can you manage a successful team. In order to learn to lead there are really only three skills that you have to master. Those skills are explained in great detail in the book,  The BossHole Effect.

The three simple secrets to success that anyone can use to become a great boss and a leader of a successful team are:

  1. Can you coach others to teach them what they need to know to be successful?
  2. Can you command others without micromanaging their behavior?
  3. Can you create a working environment for your team that will allow them to achieve their full potential?