No Employee has the Right to Give Away Your Customers

 If your employee argues that the customer was wrong, you should state that it is quite possible the customer is wrong.  

However that does not give you the right to argue with a customer. It might sound something like this:

“That is not your job. Your job as an employee of this company is to make sure every customer want to come back and spend his hard-earned money with us. Arguing and fussing and being rude does not make that person want to come back here.

Now you make think that person doesn’t have the right to be rude or demanding, and that is your prerogative, but it is not your prerogative to that to him or to other customers. Because every time you’re fighting with a customer, every other customer in the store is seeing that.

They don’t know the history of this person and that he’s a constant whiner. They don’t know that, all they know is they saw you being rude to a customer.”

Now look at an alternative example. Imagine if a person is being rude, and obnoxious, and you handle them with care and skill and get that person to calm down. Then very carefully you get them to understand what is you can and cannot do. You communicate a sincere willingness to help them.

If You allow Your Employees to Get Rude, Mean or Augmentative, You’ve Lost Control

In this scenario, you’ve communicated to every customer in the story that you are really good at customer service. My view as an independent business owner is that no one has the right to chase off a customer other than you. And owners should reserve that right for very infrequent usage. Because as soon as your model chasing customers off, you have tacitly given permission for your employees to do the same.

When there is somebody that you need to eject, you do it behind closed doors and professionally, and you remind your employees that nobody has the right to send customers and their potential sales revenue out of the building.

No Employee has the Right to Give Away Your Customer

Now if a customer is making threats or is out of line or is about to something illegal, it’s your responsibility to stand up for your employees and to take that head on.

You can’t allow your employees to feel threatened or under attack, but you also can’t grant them the authority to start chasing off.

They will use it at a much faster rate then you will. The net effort of that is your business will not grow.  No employee has the right to give away your customers. A Great Boss will create an environment that rewards people for turning the grouchy customers into a loyal customer.

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