Rate Your Company

Every company has it’s own personality just like a boss does. Some companies treat their people with respect and inspire great work. Other companies treat their people with disdain and drive employees to undermine and destroy their stated goals.

The Gallup organization’s Human Sigma project found that employee engagement is the most important driver of company profits. What this means is that when a company inspires their people to do good work the customers notice and they spend more money leading to higher overall profits. After spending 30 plus years in the retail drug industry working for 1o-11 different management teams I can honestly say that it was not the quality of the stores, the advertising campaigns, the company benefits or the locations that caused me to love going to work. It was the quality of the management team plain and simple. When I worked for people that treated me with respect I was highly productive. When I worked for arrogant knuckleheads I spent most of my energy trying to stay out of their way.

How does your company stack up?

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