Rating Yourself as A Boss

Have you wondered how you stack up as a leader?

Well you can take this simple assessment tool and get your answer in the next 5 minutes. Based on the BossHole Boss Rating System, you can quickly analyze your behavior and gauge your progress along the BossHole scale. Using the same ten dimensions as the Rate your Boss system the questions have been recast to be reflective personal statements. Read the statement carefully and answer carefully. Don’t answer what you think the right answer is because that will misreport your results. Answer with the option that accurately describes your actual typical behavior. If you are honest with yourself you will give a good approximation of what your employees or teammates are likely to think about your skills as a leader.

The Standardized Personal Leadership Skills Rating Tool

The BossHole Boss Rating System randomizes the sequence of the questions and the answers to each question so you can not predict which answer choice will generate a particular rating. Please take a moment and read each choice and select the one that is the best fit. It may not be exact but that is okay. Just pick the one you most agree with.

Use this tool to gauge your personal effectiveness as a leader. Use the RatingYour Boss System for a current or former boss.


Self-evaluation is a critical tool for personal growth. Remember that you:

“You will not be a perfect leader. No one was and no one is. But you can be better than 90 percent of your competition by learning how to be a Great Boss and not acting like a BossHole.”

If you want to see a quick video on how the tool works you can watch this 6:11 demo




 You must select an option or the system will not let you proceed.

Just in case you are wondering you have to make a selection in order for the next button to take you to the next page. once you enter the rating tool.  And remember , do not assume that the question or answer sequence has anything to do with the rating. The questions and the answers are randomized to prevent people from gaming the rating.