You Might Be a BossHole Video Series

One of the best ways to learn about good leadership skills is to observe boss behavior. Virtually every boss will present a blend of stuff that they do well and stuff that they do not do well. As a  person starts out learning to manage others at work, at church, on their sports team or in their family, they will mess things up. And some days the stress and pressure of the grind can make anyone act like a bosshole. The trick is to take what you do seriously. You should always try to get better everyday. But don’t take yourself too seriously.  Sometimes the best solution is to admit that you messed up and laugh about it.

How Many Ways Can You Mess Up?

It is a little known fact of life that there are 367,214  ways to mess something up but there is only one way to do it right. So you will not be perfect. Infact, you will most definitely not do everything right. But you shouldn’t make the same mistakes over and over, that’s just laziness. You can learn what not to do by watching some of my fun short videos in the You Might Be A Bosshole Video Series.

Jeff Foxworthy is a very funny guy and I love the bit that he does called, You might be a redneck.  I don’t claim to be that funny but it is sure easy to make fun of bosshole behavior.   The key thing to understand is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Very few people wake up each day and say, “I want to screw over my team today”.  And yet they do things that undermine their own authority, cause their team to disengage, and destroy the chemistry that could inspire their team to excel. If you simply stop doing bosshole behaviors and start doing good boss behaviors you will begin to start moving in the right direction. This video series makes fun of the kind of behaviors that get a boss, coach or leader in trouble.


If you do… You Might be a Bosshole!

If you can come up with a YMAB that you think is funny record your own video and send me the MP4. If I like it I’ll post in my the You Tube channel,  The BossHole Effect.

Everybody acts like a knucklehead sometimes. but when it gets right down to it people want to work for a boss who appreciates what they do for the organization.  Players want to play for a coach that will give them the opportunity to compete for a starting job. And if you want to be successful and learn how to get a team of people to do good work and get the right things done, then you need to follow the principles and practices outlined in The BossHole Effect book.