Successful Marketing Happens When You Develop a Solution to a Pain in the Market

 Marketing tips, successful marketersThe lucrative opportunities in the marketplace come when you find a pain in the marketplace. This pain represents a demand or unmet need in the marketplace which potential purchases are begging you to fill.

Once you develop a solution to ease that pain, the customers will be primed to buy. Your marketing is much easier and much more successful when customers are standing in line to buy your product before you even open for business.

Pre-selling the market builds demand. The last remaining hurdle to success is to simply make the offer to sell.

The experienced Marketer Thinks in Reverse Order 

The novice business person thinks along a linear pathway: develop a product, market the product, and sell the product. The experienced marketer thinks in reverse order. They figure out what people are are aching to buy, and then find a way to sell it to them. 

Find Out what Consumers Want to Buy First

If you train yourself to think backwards and find out what consumers want to buy first, you can develop a solution to the pain in the market that will appeal to that market segment’s internal motivation to buy. Developing a product that meets the needs of a hungry market will greatly improve your change of success.

A Hungry Market

A hungry market waiting to pounce on a viable solution will speed the rate at which your offering will be purchased. Marketing that offers a solution to a pre-sold market is virtually guaranteed to succeed. If you have crafted the offer correctly and you have developed a solution that meets the internal motivational needs of the purchaser rather than the procedural needs of your business, you’re much more likely to make a sale.

Most marketers Fail to Perform their Research Correctly  

Because most marketers and most business people fail to perform their research correctly at the beginning, there are always opportunities to develop products and services that appeal specifically to people ready to buy the solution. These can be sold without expensive marketing efforts, because the market is already searching for your solution. Your competition will wonder why and how you got the order when they’ve been trying to sell their solution for years. Answer the internal motivation question first, and then design the solution.

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