Greg L.Alston Hits the Bestseller List!

10-29-2013 5-16-22 PM #18 Management Science Cropped to book

The New Book, The BossHole Effect Hits Number 18 on the bestseller list on Amazon   As of today October 29th, 2013 the book has reached climbed the charts. After hitting number one on the Hot New Releases for its first 30 days the book has steadily climbed the charts and has just reached the top 20. Here is a sample of some of the reviews: ...he has developed a guidebook, a workbook, a syllabus, and resources that anyone can use to become a more honest, complete, and effective human … [Read more...]

No Employee has the Right to Give Away Your Customers

Rude Employee

If your employee argues that the customer was wrong, you should state that it is quite possible the customer is wrong.   However that does not give you the right to argue with a customer. It might sound something like this: "That is not your job. Your job as an employee of this company is to make sure every customer want to come back and spend his hard-earned money with us. Arguing and fussing and being rude does not make that person want to come back here. Now you make think that person … [Read more...]

5 Star ratings for The Bosshole Effect

The Bosshole Effect Earns Top Honors

The Bosshole Effect Earns Top Honors The Readers Favorite a well respected independent book review site has awarded the book their 5 Star rating based on  independent editorial reviews and a detailed analysis  that takes in to account the following factors: Cover, Construction, Chapter Headings, Table of Contents, Concept, Originality, Organization, Fluidity, Coherence, Layout, Editing, Theme , Subject Matter, and Overall Quality Check out what the reviewers had to say:  Reviewed by … [Read more...]