The Process of Successful Leadership

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The process of building a successful team is very simple.  You need a clear view of what it takes to win; you must have a process that builds patterns of success and "fear of failure;" and you must understand that you can't control what you can't control. Effort and execution are more important than short-term results. In the long run, the best results are most consistently achieved by superior preparation. Every player on your team has a role to play in every game and in every situation. For … [Read more...]

Coach Your Team Like a Leader Not Like a Bosshole Parent

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The Bosshole Effect  - Buy the Book Now! One of the biggest mistakes rookie coaches make is coaching their team to the benefit of a single player. Let me explain what I mean. Often times youth coaches get involved with sports so that they can coach their son or daughter’s team. Frequently their son or daughter is one of the best players on the team but this is not always true. As a coach your responsibility is to the team as a parent your responsibility is to your child. Sometimes these two … [Read more...]

A Great Boss Builds Good Habits in People

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BossHoles want to get rid of everyone who fails. They go around threatening employees with termination for every transgression real and imagined. They create a stressful, miserable, and destructive fixed-mindset environment. Great Bosses nurture the environment to bring out the best in their people. They create safe, enjoyable and growth mindset environments by building patterns of success through praising good work and offering constructive feedback on how to improve when failure or setbacks … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Must be Good People


Part of being a good teammate and helping develop a good team chemistry is to play the role of the spot you're in and do it to the best of your abilities.   A Great Boss understands the three traits that drive success of the team: engagement, how to win awareness, and role identification and commitment. BossHoles cause employees to disengage, reward the wrong people, and allow unproductive behavior to become the norm. I Believe Good Leaders Must be Good People They must possess the attributes … [Read more...]

Everybody Has The Right To Complain Nobody Has The Right To Whine

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Virtually everybody complains about something sometime. We all have done it. We all will do it. But complaining without offering a solution to solve the root cause of the complaint is not productive. Complaining just for the sake of complaining is whining. Whining is not only annoying it is unethical. Whining is a learned skill. People that are allowed to whine will continue to whine. People that whine tend to waste time. They spend more time whining than working. They agitate their fellow … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Tell a BossHole from a Good Boss

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Just because your boss does something that you don't like doesn't mean that she is evil. There can be a lot of valid reasons why certain decisions get made and why those decisions may not be ones that you as the employee would make. In the normal course of events nobody agrees with everything that a boss does. But a BossHole is something different than that. A BossHole is that person who sucks the joy, life, energy and enthusiasm out of your organization. The BossHole Effect is what happens … [Read more...]

Great Bosses Inspire their Teammates to Engage in and Believe in the Team's Mission

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Great Bosses create an environment that allows teammates to thrive in their roles. They do that by driving all important decisions as close to the bottom of the organization as possible, and then empowering teammates to make those decisions without fear or punishment. A BossHole, on the other hand, paralyzes the creativity and resilience of the team by hoarding decision making power closer to the top of the organization, thereby communicating to the entire team that teammates are not … [Read more...]

Are you a BossHole Diva?

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Why is it that the world treats men and women differently? I don't really know the reason but I know it is true. When my wife and I ran our own drugstore we had different responsibilities in the day to day operation. She ran the dispensing and production side of the business and I ran the sales and marketing side. But  employees  reacted differently to her than they did to me. Employees sometimes act like children and try to play one parent against the other so sometimes they would just be … [Read more...]