Do Not Tolerate BossHole Behavior and Try Not to Act Like a BossHole Yourself

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Your challenge in the workforce is twofold and quite simple:  Do not tolerate BossHole behavior in other people and do not act like a BossHole yourself. Granted, everyone has bad days and good days, and on occasion, act stupid and inappropriate. If you happen to work with a partial Bosshole, there is a good chance you can help them mend their ways.  However, with a complete BossHole, you either have to convince higher management to remove him or find a different job. FYI - A complete … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Run Good Meetings, Bad Managers Need to Learn to Lead

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One of the essential qualities of a good leader is being able to run a good meeting. One of the quickest ways to identify a BossHole is to watch how they run meetings. Good leaders don’t waste their team’s time. Bad managers don’t respect their team’s time. They need to Learn to lead.  I’ve worked for several bosses that had no idea how to run effective meetings. Probably the worst case of this occurred when I was on the buying staff at Sav-on drugs in Anaheim California. We had a team of 20 … [Read more...]

Learn to Lead in One of Two Ways

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You can learn to lead by working with a good mentor to learn the right way to do things but you can also gain valuable experience from a bosshole rating scale by learning what not to do. The key is knowing who is who. It is important that you learn how to  become a good leader. You will need these leadership skills to be good at any career you choose. You can be fortunate enough to work with a great manager or coach who will show you the right way to do things or you can be stuck with a … [Read more...]

Bad Leadership is Ruining Our Economy

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Bad leadership is exactly what is keeping our economy from thriving. This negative energy is not only coming from bad legislation but stupid bosses. Far too many bosses are clueless when it comes to knowing how to build a successful championship caliber team, especially new bosses who are making it up as they go along. These bad bosses create more problems than they solve. I originally wrote this post  for my friends at but I am reposting the article here because it is such an … [Read more...]

Did You Know That Bossholes Can Help You Succeed?


Most people cringe at the thought of working for a bosshole. After all bossholes suck the joy and enthusiasm out of life right? But as usual there is another side to that story. While I would always prefer to work for a great boss and not a knucklehead sometimes that choice is not totally under your control. So if you find yourself temporarily stuck in a situation where you have to work for a bad boss you need to learn to make the best of it.   This video talks about how to make the … [Read more...]