Coach Your Team Like a Leader Not Like a Bosshole Parent

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The Bosshole Effect  - Buy the Book Now! One of the biggest mistakes rookie coaches make is coaching their team to the benefit of a single player. Let me explain what I mean. Often times youth coaches get involved with sports so that they can coach their son or daughter’s team. Frequently their son or daughter is one of the best players on the team but this is not always true. As a coach your responsibility is to the team as a parent your responsibility is to your child. Sometimes these two … [Read more...]

24 Characteristics that Successful People Posess

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One bad employee not dealt with can destroy the entire fabric of a good team. Here is the biggest real world twist on this problem. Sometimes that bad employee is capable of really good things. In bursts they can perform dramatic feats and appear to be really good and then turn around and undermine everything you do. There is no more important attribute in a teammate than character, and a bad person's behavior indicates they are a bad person at their core. There are several different types … [Read more...]

Everybody Has The Right To Complain Nobody Has The Right To Whine

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Virtually everybody complains about something sometime. We all have done it. We all will do it. But complaining without offering a solution to solve the root cause of the complaint is not productive. Complaining just for the sake of complaining is whining. Whining is not only annoying it is unethical. Whining is a learned skill. People that are allowed to whine will continue to whine. People that whine tend to waste time. They spend more time whining than working. They agitate their fellow … [Read more...]