Coach Your Team Like a Leader Not Like a Bosshole Parent

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The Bosshole Effect  - Buy the Book Now! One of the biggest mistakes rookie coaches make is coaching their team to the benefit of a single player. Let me explain what I mean. Often times youth coaches get involved with sports so that they can coach their son or daughter’s team. Frequently their son or daughter is one of the best players on the team but this is not always true. As a coach your responsibility is to the team as a parent your responsibility is to your child. Sometimes these two … [Read more...]

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Employees

Change Your Mindset

In Carol Dweck's book Mindset, she describes her research on Growth and Fixed Mindset. People with a fixed mindset hold the erroneous notion that their value is directly a result of their innate ability. Thus, their self-esteem is riveted to their performance. Failure at a task causes them to question their ability. Each new challenge therefore becomes another new opportunity to be found worthless. Faced with this stress,  their performance suffers and they resist doing anything they don't … [Read more...]

The Process of Effective Leadership that Leads to Being a Great Boss

School of Horse-Eye Jacks following Longjaw Squirrelfish, underwater shot

"Leadership is the Art of Getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower   We can summarize the process of effective leadership that leads to being a Great Boss rather than a BossHole by asking three questions: What is the process by which you take a group of individuals and mold them into a highly competitive team? How do you get a group of people to get what needs to be done completed in the right way, in the right … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Know How to Grill Chicken

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Some people just don't understand how to be a good leader. And some people just don't know how to grill chicken. They fire up the grill, get it nice and hot, and then throw on the chicken pieces. Because the grill  is too hot the fat from the chicken drips in to the flame and causes flare-ups. These flares up essentially burn the skin and turn it in to charcoal. And I don't know about you,  but I don't like to eat burnt chicken. One mistake a lot of new managers make is they act just like … [Read more...]

Bad Leadership is Ruining Our Economy

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Bad leadership is exactly what is keeping our economy from thriving. This negative energy is not only coming from bad legislation but stupid bosses. Far too many bosses are clueless when it comes to knowing how to build a successful championship caliber team, especially new bosses who are making it up as they go along. These bad bosses create more problems than they solve. I originally wrote this post  for my friends at but I am reposting the article here because it is such an … [Read more...]

What Do You Do For a Living?

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One of the first questions people ask when you meet them for the first time is, what do you do for a living?  That is a really easy question to ask but the answer can be quite complicated. For instance when people ask me that question I answer differently depending upon where I am.  If I am at work at the university I answer that I am a teacher. If I am at a business meeting  I might answer that I am a consultant.  If I am at a symposium I might answer that I am an … [Read more...]

Are you a BossHole Diva?

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Why is it that the world treats men and women differently? I don't really know the reason but I know it is true. When my wife and I ran our own drugstore we had different responsibilities in the day to day operation. She ran the dispensing and production side of the business and I ran the sales and marketing side. But  employees  reacted differently to her than they did to me. Employees sometimes act like children and try to play one parent against the other so sometimes they would just be … [Read more...]