The Boss Rating System Terminology

In order to find out whether you leader, coach, manager, boss or supervisor is doing a good job you should use the The BossHole Effect  Boss Rating System to analyze their behavior. The software uses a series of questions to identify the dominant behavior pattern of the person being rated.  Each boss will be categorized as either a:

Great Boss

The best of the best. This is the kind of person who inspires you to become excellent at what you do.

Good Boss

Way better than most people. Not perfect but fully capable of becoming a great boss.

Partial BossHole

About the same as everyone’s boss. Not annoying enough to force you to find a new job but not helpful enough to make you better.


Makes me not want to go to work. You need to get rid of this knucklehead to save your company.

The Complete BossHole

The worst of the worst. This clown will never change and will make your life miserable. Get out as soon as you can.


There are many possible reasons why someone will not perform well on the leadership and management rating system. perhaps they are simply a bad boss. But more than likely they lack the experience as a manager to know how to effectively become a successful team leader. By using these tools you can learn to lead correctly.