The Fastest Way to Identify a Bad Leader is…

Bad leaders run bad meetings because they have no respect for their team’s time. Nothing is more painful than a long. boring, useless, business meeting.  Bad leaders believe that all good information starts with them.  They frequently do all of the talking and none of the listening at any meeting they attend. This disregard for their teammate’s time and disrespect for other people’s opinions is what sucks the energy and enthusiasm out of their daily work.

When you are trying to determine whether or not someone is a  Bosshole one of the quickest early indicators is by watching how this person runs a meeting.

Check out this edition of the TV show,  You Might be a BossHole.  In this short clip I explained some of the ways in which you can identify bad leadership in a manager, the coach, or a boss.

I would like to say that the examples I use are fabricated but in fact I have sufferef through every one of those meetings several times during my career. So have some fun with this and definitely leave a comment. If you can think up some punchlines that you think would make a great segment on You Might Be a BossHole post them here. I will select the ones I like and add them to the You Tube Channel.

If you post something that I think is interesting I will turn it into a video to go out on the YouTube channel, The Bosshole Effect


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