The Pathway to Success is to Become a Force for Improvement

Good Leadership skills, learn to become a good leaderIf you are someone who has watched what happens without taking any action to improve things, then you have only three choices:

  1. Learn to become a leader to make good things happen
  2. Learn to become a follower to help good things happen
  3. Do nothing and help prevent good things from happening
Improvement Requires Positive Action

Doing nothing is a choice; a choice driven by fear of failure or sloth. Inaction by default assists those that prevent good things from happening. To make good things happen, you must understand who makes things happen. It is individual leaders who make things happen.

If you are a person who makes things happen, you can:

  1. Become a force for improvement
  2. Become a force for destruction
  3. Waste your talent on indifference

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Not everybody has the capacity to be a great leader; however, everybody has the choice to participate in improvement or destruction. Obviously, the pathway to success is is to become a force for improvement. You can become a positive force by playing your part as either a leader or supporter of good things.

If you do not help those around you make good things happen, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. If you are not part of the solution you risk becoming  irrelevant.

To Be a Great Boss, Your Actions Must Produce Good Results

To produce good results, you must understand what good results are and have an effective game plan to achieve excellence. Processioning all the knowledge in the universe will do no good if you are unable to apply knowledge and skills when needed. Effective action is the essence of good leadership.

The BossHole Effect

Since 1977 the author, Dr. Greg L. Alston has owned and operated a variety of businesses, worked for hundreds of bosses and supervised thousands of employees. His no nonsense approach and clear informal teaching style will teach you how to Coach others, Command respect, and Create an environment in which your team can thrive.

Leadership is not a personality trait,  it is a way of acting.  Great leaders build great teams. Great teams achieve great things. The call to leadership is a call to action and this action begins when you buy the book subscribe to the blog or view the YouTube Channel.  Use Greg’s free tools to Rate Your Boss or Rate Yourself as a Boss.

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