You Want Good People Doing Good Things on Your Team

 Team players, good people doing good things, leadership challengesThe Difference Between a Great Boss and a BossHole

Great bosses understand the foundational knowledge the job requires, the skill set the job requires, the process for training those skills and lets people play their way onto the field by demonstrating their ability. The BossHole thinks differently.

The BossHole makes personnel decisions based on bad data, with no process, and penalizes failure to the point  that no one is willing to try to succeed. A BossHole’s idea of training is to find someone who already knows how to do what he wants done.

The Leadership Challenge

The leadership challenge is deciding which attributes the players on your team need to possess and which attributes you do not want them to possess. In order to determine which knowledge, skills, ability and attitudes you wish to encourage, there  are three things you need to know:

  1. What are the key personal attributes of success? Know them, internalize them and recognize them within the the behavior of other individuals.
  2. What are the key negative attributes that prevent you from succeeding and damage your team? Know them, internalize them, recognize them in others and determine whether those attributes are something that can be changed or not.
  3. How to identify and separate out the good people, from the bad people, and the people that possess the likelihood of becoming good.
I believe There are Only Three kinds of People in the World
  1. There are good people who wake up everyday meaning to do good things, planning good things and trying to do good things.
  2. There are bad people who wake up everyday with bad intent. They intentionally do bad things. They have no desire to do good things. Sometimes bad people do good things, but usually, when a  push comes to a shove, these bad people will do the wrong thing at the right time.
  3. There are people who haven’t matured yet. They might be pre-disposed to do good or bad behaviors based on those with whom they spend time. Nevertheless, they can still be redirected and taught to do the right things.
Good People Doing Good Things

To be a Great Boss, you’re going to have to learn to identify whether someone is a good person who occasionally does bad things, a bad person who occasionally does good things, or somebody who can be redirected. When you are assembling a team, you want good people who do good things. You want to eliminate bad people even though they occasionally do good things, and you have to be willing to help develop people who have the potential to be good but haven’t realized it yet.

Developing employees in a work situation is really no different. The skills your are looking for in a good employee are the good habits that you expect all good employees to have: honesty, punctuality, they get along with others, they work as part of the team, they take direction, they’re capable of learning, they have a positive attitude, they treat your customers well. These are all the things good employees do …

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